1. Q: What’s the current version of Avizo for the tutorials?

    A: Avizo 7.0.x

  2. Q: Can Avizo open raw dataset?

    A: Yes, File -> open data as, choose “raw format”, and you have to put in data dimension, data type, endian-ness (byte order of single data value), and axis order of the whole dataset (e.g x-fastest or z-fastest)

  3. Q: Can Avizo open image sequence?

    A: Yes. File -> open data, Shift click all images and click “OK”. Change the voxel size if you know the scan dimension and interval.

  4. Q: Avizo complains can’t load data to memory, and my data read as xxx.lda, then lots of data visualization modules are missing from the menu.

    A: Delete your data (already loaded, xxx.lda shown on data icon), go to menu, Edit -> Preference, switch to “LDA” tab, change the first slider position to all the way to the right. This is how much memory Avizo could use to load data. It’s normal to allow Avizo to use half of your computer’s memory. Then load you data again.

  5. Q: Can I export my data into other format, so I can load them into other software?

    A: Right click on your data icon, go down the menu to “Save Data As”, from the “file type” dropdown list, select an available format, this can export data to different formats Avizo supports. For example, you can export your 3D data to “raw” format, or you can export your surface data (2D) to “obj”, “stl”, etc. You can’t save a 3D data to a 2D format, and vice versa.

  6. Q: Does Avizo open HDF5 datasets?

    A: NO...Use other software to export to “raw” format first.

  7. Q: How do I extract the surface data from an isosurface module?

    A: Right click on isosurface module in network view, and choose “extract surface”. You can save the extracted surface data as a .surf data format (Avizo native) or other format Avizo supports. You can open the .surf data directly later.

  8. Q: How do I extract the surface data from segmentation result?

    A: Right click on the .labels data, add “generate surface” module, apply. A surface data will be created, save it to a separate file if you want. Use “surfaceview” module to visualize the newly created surface data.

  9. Q: Why I can’t find demo maker ?

    A: You are probably using newer version of Avizo, where “demo maker” is replaced by “animation producer”. Go the menu, Help -> User guide, for more information

  10. Q: How is my segmentation result saved?

    A: Segmentation result is saved in the xxxx.labels file created by segmentation modules, make sure you “auto save” all the intermediate result when you save your project, and double check the .labels file is saved in the projectname-files directory.