Visualization Tool Development - Webapps

Develop viz tools

BioInformatics : Visualize molecule strcutures with JSmol, retrieve genome sequence and features from bioinformatics data banks and genome browsers.

D3 demos : Intractive html+svg graphs, in form of flowchart, map, game play, widget, plus fun animation – powered by D3.js

Python webapps : Create graph using python: numpy, pandas, matplotlib..., then exported to html/javascript and send to web browser through WebSocket.

Interactive charts with Bokeh : Create graph using Bokeh: a Python interactive visualization library. Pandas is used to data wrangling and initial plot design, Bokeh is used for final chart with iteractive toolsets. Bokeh generated html are send to web browser through websocket.

Build Interactive vizapp with Tableau Software: Create viz app interface with Tableau javascript API (2.x) .

Build interactive Mapbox app: Create an interactive Mapbox viz app integrated with Express framework and MongoDB database at server side (node.js platform).

Periodically collect data for a viz frontend: Create a viz app with real time data update using WindowTimers.setInterval (javascript) or python Distributed Task Queue Celery.

Deploy viz tools

Your data viz served: Serve a collection of your data viz online with web frameworks Node.js, AngularJS 1.5.x, Bootstrap 3.x, and jQuery 2.x.

Resources: online training courses