Maya Rigging and Animation Tips

Parent vs. Parent constraint

Parent constraint + parent

Solve the animation case where:

  1. A ball is in hand at first, move with hand
  2. The ball roll around the palm
  3. The ball leaves hand and fall

The rig will have a locator parent constrainted to hand joint, and the ball parented under the locator.

To animate:

  1. keyframe the hand control to move hand
  2. keyframe the ball to animate ball roll in palm
  3. keyframe the locator to animate the ball leaving hand and fall freely, keyframe “Blend Parent 1” to 0 – which means constraint is no longer driving the animation, instead keyframe is.
  4. just before the ball falls out of hand, keyframe “Blend Parent 1” to 1 – which means using the constraint in previous animation