Build Interactive vizapp with Tableau Software

Example: GP41 Genbank 500 samples

What you can do before:

  1. Use jupyter and pandas toolset to inspect and fixup your data
  2. Extra data column generation, or special data pivoting. Can also create separate data source and use Tableau for data join
  3. Other complex computations need to be applied to data rows or data items using python functions. – Tableau’s table data calculation formulars are not designed for general programming.

Use Tableau to build your visualization

  1. Use Tableau Public or Desktop to build your viz worksheets and dashboards

  2. Upload your workbook to Tableau public server

  3. Now you have a link to your workbook, such as :

Build a web application user interface for your tableau viz

  1. Bootstrap a web application interface, leave a <div/> placeholder for your viz
  2. Use Tableau JavaScript API to initialize a connection between the remote viz workbook at Tableau server and your client side viz placeholder in your web application.
  3. Add more functions to interact with the remote viz, use JavaScript programming. For example, you can get current user selection from the viz and display them as info.
  4. Before we dig into development details later, take a look at the example .