Avizo Lab: segment motor data

Date: Feb 3, 2016

Data: avizo-application-dir/data/tutorials/motor.am, motor.labels.am, motor.labels.surf


  • magic wand, add selection to material
  • re-select material selection
  • grow selection / shrink selection
  • replace current material under the selection

NOTE: existing materials will be updated by other material’s add/move/replace operations, so they exclude each other. Try lock a meterial if you don’t want it to be modified


  • generate surface, smooth level
  • surface view
    • color field – color surface by other data
    • buffer operations:
      • Add – draw solid surface triangles inside selection box
      • Remove – remove all solid surface
      • Show/hide – show green tab selection box and surface selection inside the box
      • Draw – draw 3D lasso instead of selection box
    • Selection mode: select connection surface between materials
    • colors: label color for each material
    • Draw style -> more optios -> create surface
  • show surface against orthoslice
  • surface measurements

Simple animation

  • Animation producer / director
  • Rotate, Translate
  • Add events (any port with a clock icon at the left side can be used as event)
  • Connectiong Keyframes in timeline
  • Movie creation

Note: you can find some Avizo 3D visualization videos in youtube